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Bag House Dust Collector in Bengal

Installation Time: 2015
Construction site: Bengal
Equipment: Bag house dust collector/ bag filter
Client Requirement:
The customer is a road contractor from Bengal.
The customer need a high quality Bag house dust collector suited their asphalt mixing plant.
Solution Offered:
This Bag house dust collectors can achieve a collection efficiency of more than 99% for very fine particles. This is due to dust particles loading on the filtration media, helping to block other particles as they approach in the air stream.

1.Increasing the pressure difference on both ends, improving the through capacity of thermal, improve the heating, the effect of drying and efficiency of heat energy utilization of drying drum; lower emission concentration, which meets the national environmental requirements.
2.The system is consisted of primary dust collecting system and secondary dust collecting system. Primary collecting system is for larger dust particles, reducing the pressure of secondary collecting system and extending the working life. The larger dust particles can directly be sent into the hot aggregate elevator.
3.The secondary dust collecting system collects the dust again and lower the dust emission concentration, which effectively improving the environmental requirements. The system adopts the high-voltage pulse cleaning method, with less the residual dust left. All the dust can be conveying into recycling filler silo by recycling filler conveying device for reusing or discharges together. The emission concentration is no more than 20mg/Nm3.
4.The bag adopts high efficiency filter materials produced by DuPont. And the wear and tear is low and the working life is long.
Installation & Commissioning:
One mechanical technician from SINOSUN visited to assist the calibration of the plant. Onsite operator training for running the plant and trouble shooting was also given.

Configuration of Bag house dust collector:

Description No. Item Model Qty Brand
Bag house 
dust collector
1 Bag house frame XMC448A-CK 1set Hebei HuanKe
2 Top protective fense -------------- 1set SINOSUN
3 Dedust box -------------- 1set SINOSUN
4 Dust box -------------- 1set SINOSUN
5 Supporting leg   1set  
6 Electro-magnetic Pulse Valve DMF-T1 1set Shanghai BFEC
Screw Conveyor 1 Φ219x3000 BWD2-17-3 1set Zhengzhou DSX
Tube for 
dust collector
1 From primary dust collector to shifting box --------------   SINOSUN
2 shifting box -------------- 1set SINOSUN
3 From air outlet to air blower -------------- 1set SINOSUN
4 From air blower to reducer -------------- 1set SINOSUN
5 Chimney -------------- 1set SINOSUN
Pulse control instrument 1   -------------- 1set SINOSUN
Air blower
1 Air blower mainframe YB5-48 1set Hebei
2 Motor WN-75 1set WN
3 linear actuator -------------- 1set Shanghai
4 Auto voltage reducing starting cabinet   1set SIEMENS
Air compressor 1 Air compressor UP5-15-10 1set Ingersoll Rand

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