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Main Components

  • > Application: Available in configurations to suit individual customer requirements using up to kinds of asphalt plant components.
  • > Capacity Range:
  • > Certification: ISO, CE, EAC Certification
  • > Motor Power:
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>Drying System
Drying system uses simulation optimization design to ensure the best material curtain with the thermal efficiency reaching up to 90%. Unique online intelligent detection.
1.The dryer drum body using heat-resistant boiler plate.
2.The internal blade of the dryer drum also uses boiler plate and connects with bolt , with long service life and fast and convenient replacement .
3.Four-wheel friction drive, with smooth transmission, low noise and long service life.
4.The drive reducer adopts hard tooth surface reducer, with large load capacity and impact resistance.
5.The specially designed “butterfly” elastic connection plate will be more  uniformly forced after the drum heated expansion. It completely solved the elastic plate heat cracking  problem .
6.The roller and roller carrier shaft using high quality alloy steel forging with long service life .
7.The external drum using high quality thermal insulation material plus stainless steel mask packaging, with favorable heat preservation performance and neat and beautiful appearance .  
dryer drum 01 dryer drum 02 dryer drum 03 dryer drum 0
>Burning System
Provide coal burner and oil burner options.
SINOSUN burners use the special burner simulation analysis conducted by the European organization for thermal energy technology research, integrates the advanced European technologies, and takes advantages of the best burner model patent with the principle of low emissions for environmental protection and calorific value as the core.
These burners can be used as the ideal accessory products of asphalt mixing plant.
For oil burner:
1.The specially designed heavy/light oil burner for asphalt mixing plant is efficient, with stable airflow control, fuel-efficient and power-saving.
2.Under the rated conditions, fuel consumption is less than 6.5 kg/t (finished product ).
3.With simple structure, convenient operation and separate operating system.
4.Heavy oil or light oil can be used. No need to replace any parts.
5.It adopts international standard accessories, with low maintenance costs.
burner 01 burner 02 burner 03 burner 04
>Dust Collecting System

Provide bag house dust filter and water dust collector options.
1.The dust collector system uses stepping rotary reverse blowing.
2.The dust collector system provides intelligent control of ash removal frequency.
3.The effective operation area of NOMEX filter bags reaches up to 98%.
4.The dust collector system meets the European standards of emissions (< 20mg/Nm³).
For bag house dust filter:
1.Combined with primary gravity dust collecting and secondary bag house dust collecting.
2.The bag house dust collecting adopts high voltage pulse cleaning with less dust residue.
3.The bag is made of DUPONT high efficiency dust filtering material, with low loss and  long life.
4.The recycling dust can be reused and reduce environmental pollution.

dust collector 01 dust collector 02 dust collector 03 dust collector 04
>Screening System
1.The Screening system is directly driven by vibrator to reduce energy consumption, maintenance free.
2.The vibrating screen uses digital and dynamic simulation, with the warehouse mixing rate less than 5%.
3.Mesh tension can be identified for easy operation.
4.The high wear-resisting screen mesh (65 mm) with longer service life and lower maintenance costs.
5.The optimal designed shield can effectively prevent the dust spillover and is more environmentally friendly.
6.Adopt Italy OLI brand vibrator.
7.Fine processing and elaborately assembling ensures the quality of each device.

vibrating screen 01 vibrating screen 02 vibrating screen 03 vibrating screen 04

>Weighting System

1.The system uses the weighting mechanism with strong adaptive capability.
2.The system uses the unique combined double door rough and accurate scale patent for accurate metering.
3.Uses the unique secondary tracking and weighing patent technology to provide a stable and reliable bitumen-aggregate ratio.
weighing system 01 weighing system 02 weighing system 03 weighing system 04
>Mixing System

mix 02 1.The internal liner and vane using high wear-resistant alloy cast steel, with long service life.
2.The discharge door is equipped with electric or thermal oil heating to prevent bonding.
3.Large sliding door structure, quick discharging.
4.Two-way spiral blade and mix in three dimensional space
5.Mixing efficiency reaches world-class level.
mix 01 1.Using upper and lower separation design for convenient maintenance.
2.Gear forced synchronization. first synchronization, and then mixing
3.High strength and high power coupling, double chain
4.World famous brand reducer and the failure rate is greatly reduced
>Electronic Control System

1.Siemens electrical components
2.Siemens PLC (with remote detection and diagnosis function)
3.Siemens weighing module
4.HP printer (stylus printer )
5.HP industrial computer
6.With simulation operation screen, simple and clear
7.Industrial omputer + PLC(Siemens ) . 
   Working under professional operating system, it is stable and reliable.
8.With global long distance detection and diagnosis function, it can help solve equipment system failure the first time.
9.With powerful storage and processing capacity, a variety of data can be processed in time and hundreds of gradation storage.
10.With manual compensation and automatic compensation under measurement conditions.
11.Bitumen secondary measurement.
12.With imitation container design, the control room sturdy and durable and easy to transport.
13.The double glazing with heat insulation and noise control, and the whole control room has insulation layer.
14.High power double temperature air conditioning
15.Professional stylus printer
16.Solid wood floor
control system 01 control system 02 control system 03 control system 04


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