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Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant

  • > Application: Can produce SBS and SBR modified asphalt, high viscosity and elastic asphalt modified asphalt, waste tire rubber asphalt, etc.
  • > Capacity Range: 10TPH (SBS and SBR maximum addition 10%)
  • > Certification: ISO, CE, EAC Certification
  • > Motor Power:
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Brief Introduction
SINOSUN PSGX polymer modified bitumen plant is the new generation of bitumen modified equipment developed by our company and has won national patent. Modified asphalt of wide range of asphalt content and stable property produced by this equipment can meet various requirements of different construction technologies, which is applied into the express highway constructions and road maintenance projects. This set of modified asphalt production equipment adopts batch production mode, which can produce all modified asphalt products such as non-curing and joint glue on the market.
Main Components
1. Ingredients Tank
The heat transfer oil coil is installed inside the batching tank to heat all materials such as asphalt, softened oil and so on. The top-mounted agitator can fully mix the input materials. The batching tank is supported by 4 load cells for weighing various input materials.
External pipe ports: heat transfer oil import and export, asphalt import and export, solvent oil import, powder feeding port, waste gas collection port, etc.
2. Powder Elevator
The powder elevator is used to elevate powder materials such as SBS, rubber powder, stone powder, etc.
This part can also be replaced by forklift + manual feeding. When feeding materials at the top of the tank, workers will work in an environment with dangerous factors such as dust and high temperature.
3. Colloid Mill
The colloid mill is used to grind the input modifier such as SBS, SBR, etc. If the production does not require grinding modifiers (such as rubber powder above 40 mesh, liquid APO) colloid mill can be replaced by a pump to reduce equipment investment, but the types of products produced will be greatly restricted.
4. Finished Cans
After the production of modified asphalt products is completed, the products are sent to the finished product tank by colloid mill or pump. After the development is completed, the small package is filled. During the development and filling time, the batching tank can be used for production operations, which can improve production efficiency. The tank can also be reduced to reduce equipment investment.
5. Platform
It is used to support two tanks and serve as a platform for observation and small material at the same time.
6. Distribution Box 
Install the electrical components of the power equipment and control the whole set of equipment. 

Production Process Design
1. The way of adding a large amount of liquid raw materials
Calculate the required amount of asphalt according to the formula, observe the weighing system to pump the asphalt to the production batching tank to the required amount. The other larger quantities of liquid raw materials were added in the same manner.
2. The way of adding large amount of powder
Calculate the required powder according to the formula, observe the weighing system, and use the elevator to lift the powder to the production batching tank to the required amount.
3. Trace additives
Micro-additives are added manually at the manhole after being weighed by a balance or a bench scale.
4. Heating control
Open the heat transfer oil valve for heating according to the requirements of the process parameters, and close the valve when it is heated to the process temperature.
5. Grinding
According to the production process, the production is carried out by the single-tank circulating grinding method.
6. Development
After all the materials are added and ground for a certain period of time, they are pumped to the finished product tank for development.
7. Filling
Product development is completed for filling. Currently designed for a self-flow port filling. The pumping method can be added or changed according to customer needs.


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