Service Support

We offer you:
-Performance measurements/performance assessments
-Determination of requirements and analytic assessment
-Technical documentation
-Factory acceptance test
-Organization of transport
-Installation/difficult installation 
-Customer training in small groups or individually
-Professional service team, which guarantees a quick response in case of emergencies and is always there for you
-Expert service technicians, who are trained in up-to-date technology and all relevant security measures
-Parts are guaranteed to be of superior manufacturer’s quality
Advisory services
SINOSUN advisory services offers a wide range of benefits to help our customers increase system, process ,and operational efficiency, whether through our specialized training programs or our business related advisory services.
We provide information, advice and guidance and assist with organizing product-related support. 
All communications are treated with the same level of care and attention and would be answered in the order in which they are received. E-mail, calls, phones and web messages are all given the same priority. Our staff members are committed to respond to you as soon as possible, usually within three business days.
If you are interest in our asphalt or concrete plant, just contact us. Let our technical staff know your specific requirement, such as the burner of asphalt plant, the condition you want your machine work at, etc. We will give you detailed suggestions according to your situation.
Optimization services
As the mining industry expands and drilling rigs more sophisticated, SINOSUN Group will develop more ways for our customers to increase safety, productivity and optimize the performance of the active fleet.
We would like to take full advantage of your potential with our professional business optimization services.
How to maximize utilization of your assets?
How to arrange transportation and distribution routing?
How to realize complex scheduling?
Our team will help you to solve these problems according to your own situation.
After-sales services
1. Turn-Key Solutions 
2. Erection & Commissioning Service 
3. Operation Training Service
4. Spare Parts Supply (all working life)

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