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Coal Burner in Rumania- MFR1000

Installation Time: December, 2012
Construction site: Rumania
Equipment: MFR80 coal burner
Client Requirement:
The customer is a road contractor from Rumania. 
The customer need a high quality coal burner suited their asphalt mixing plant.
They choose our MFR1000 coal burner. 
1.The coal consumption of MFR1000 coal burner is 720-1120kg/h.
2.The total power of MFR1000 coal burner is 43.45kw.
3.MFR1000 coal burner is equipped for asphalt mixing plant with 80t/h capacity.
4.MFR1000 coal burner can be ignition automatically.
5.The rotate and moving way of MFR1000 coal burner is power-driven.
6.The ignition movement and air door adjust of MFR1000 coal burner are driven by power.
7.The temperature control and monitor are operated manually.
8.MFR1000 coal burner adopts frequency coal supply adjust.
Main configuration list:
Item Specification Unit Qty Remark
Coal burner MFR1000 Set 1 1.Autorotation
2.Power-driven move front and back
3.Auto ignition
Pulverize FMJ-80 Set 1

Frequency speed control to supply coal

Distribution cabinet PD-1000 Set 1  
Mental pipe FMJ80 root 1  
Diesel igniter RYDHB Set 1 High pressure atomization
Fire opening MFR1000 Unit 1

High temperature resistance, erosion firebrick

Automatic igniter   Set 1 High energy diesel igniter

Power-driven front and back move

  Set 1  

Automatic coal supply system

      Using place self produced

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