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Bitumen Melting Machine in Somalia-DT4

Installation Time: 2015
Location : Somalia
Equipment: DT4 Bitumen Melting Machine
Client Requirements:
The customer is a road contractor in Somalia. Interacted with an understood that the requirement was of 4 TPH capacity Bitumen Melting Machine. 
Solution Offered:
We offered them our model DT4 Bitumen Melting Machine. Few spares were given to the customer as a package.
Main Characteristics of this Bitumen Melting Machine
1. Environmental friendly: closed structure and no pollution.
2. Energy saving: using the heat of waste gas(320~450℃) emission from thermal oil furnace to heat (final exhaust temperature about 150℃). Compared with the open asphalt dumping equipment, the totally closed type and save more 50% energy.
3. Asphalt is not hanging barrels: This equipment using 320 ~ 450℃ waste gas heat the barrel wall directly, so the asphalt dumping very clean to avoid the asphalt waste and pollution.
4. Automatic slag removal: the equipment's structure is advanced, with the internal self-discharging and external slag removal function, and has solved the technical problem in the world.
5. Adaptable: applicable to various kind of imported and domestic models, and the deformation of asphalt barrels will not affect production.
6. Good dehydration property: using large displacement asphalt pump for internal circulation, stirring, steam overflow, draught fan sucked into air and de-watering by negative pressure.
7. Safe and reliable: with automatic control system, imported automatic ignition burner, automatic control according to the oil temperature and corresponding monitoring instruments.
8. Easy to move: the whole machine adopts parts assembly, move easily and assembly quickly.
Parameters of DT4 Bitumen Melting Machine

No. Item Standard value Unit Remark
1 Capacity 4 t/h Ambient temperature of barrel matrix asphalt not lower than 20℃
2 Finished asphalt temperature 120~140  
3 Barrels in each pallet 24 pieces All kinds of Barrels of domestic and international
4 Heat capacity of thermal oil heating furnace 50×104 kcal/h  
5 Temperature of thermal oil 200~240  
6 Total power 26 KW Diesel burner
7 Oil pool capacity 12000 L  
8 Total weight 21000 kg  
9 Overall dimension
7500×2250×2560 mm  
10 Dimension of thermal oil heating furnace 
5000×1700×2300 mm  

Main configuration of DT4 Bitumen Melting Machine

No. Name Specification Q’ty Remark
1 Loaded bucket car   1  
2 Reducer WHX150-50-1 1  
Crane gate hoist
Y112M-6(2.2kW) 1  
HK-300 1 0.65kW
5 Induced draft fan Y5-47-12NO4C 1 Including 2 belts and 1 belt cover
6 Motor Y100L-2 (3kW) 1  
7 Chimney & smoke tube   1  
8 Three screw asphalt pump 3QGB-90×2-46 1 15KW
9 3-way insulation valve 3″ 1 DN80
10 Asphalt insulation pipeline system   1  
11 Staircase   1  
12 Slag removal system Asphalt filter 1 Including 1 set of Slag removal device and 2 filter element(1 for spare)
13 Tank level control system   1 Fully displayed
14 Electric control cabinet   1 Including full set of cable, sensors, stopper

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