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Asphalt Batching Plant in Philippines-SAP80

Installation Time: 2012
Location: Philippines
Equipment: SAP80 Asphalt Mixing Plant
Client Requirement:
The customer is a road contractor from Philippines. The customer had studied our website and they wanted to go for our 60-90 tph hot mix asphalt plant. They were buying this equipment for road works in Philippines. They had visited our first installation in Philippines and were satisfied with the quality of the product.
Solution Offered:
Nowadays Our SAP80 asphalt mixing plant operate perfectly in the Philippine's local project nowadays.
Features of this SAP80 asphalt plant:
1.The Batch Mixer of SAP80 asphalt plant is 1000 kg.
2.This SAP80 asphalt plant equips with four-layer vibrating screen.
3.The diesel oil fuel consumption of this SAP80 asphalt plant is less than 6.5kg/t finished product.
4.This SAP80 asphalt mixing plant adopt bag house filter, meet all environmental restrictions.
5.The weighing precision of aggregate, mineral and bitumen is ±0.5%.
6.The emission concentration of SAP80 asphalt plant is less than 20mg/Nm3 with bag house dust collection.
7.The finished product temperature of SAP80 asphalt plant is 140-180°C.
It is an ideal asphalt mixing plant for maintenance work or medium road project,more economic and energy-saving.

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