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Peru customer ordered our asphalt distributor this month
Order time: 2021-08
Client Country: Peru
Product: 2.5 m3 asphalt distributor and accessories
In August 2020, a Peruvian customer asked about our CQ-2500 asphalt distributor equipment for product details. After many effective communications and friendly negotiations, the customer officially placed the 2.5 m3 asphalt distributor and completed the transaction on August, 2021.
The CQ-2500 asphalt distributor equipment produced by SINOSUN company has the following characteristics:
1. Even spraying and simple operation
2. High performance, safe and reliable
3. High cost performance, rich production experience
SINOSUN Machinery also has the good reputation in the South American market. In the future development, we will continue to focus on customers and continue to produce high-quality equipment to provide customers with objective economic benefits for the South American market.
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Email: info@sinosun-group.com  Web: www.sinosun-group.com

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