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Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

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According to different production capacities, Asphalt Mixing Plant could be divided into Large Asphalt Mixing Plant(80-320t)and Small Asphalt Mixing Plant (8-80t).

According to different installation ways, Asphalt Mixing Plant could be divided into Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant and Stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant.

And both the Twin Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant (SZS Series) and Twin Shaft Asphalt Mixing Plant ( QZS Series) belong to the Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant category for their different mixers.


Twin Drum Type-SZS Series 


Twin Shaft Type-QZS Series


Twin Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant (SZS Series)
Twin Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant (SZS Series) owns the integrated design of drying and batching drum. Twin Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant (SZS Series) features simple structure, easy operation, drying while drum rotate in counter-clockwise direction(from burner), discharging while drum rotates in clockwise direction(from burner),and the wind are swirled in the center of the drum and so on. In addition, the burner of Twin Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant is available for both coal and oil, at customer’s option. The towing chassis make the whole structure easy for transport and installation.

Components of Twin Drum Asphalt Mixing Plant (SZS Series):
1. Cold aggregate batching system, Cold aggregate elevator system, Burner, Drying drum, Mixing drum, Bitumen scale and filler scale system, Dust collecting system, Finished storage silo, Air system, Control room. The Control room is not equipped with the SZS Series Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant, which could be purchased at customer’s option.


Type SZS-8 SZS-10 SZS-15 SZS-20 SZS-30
Capacity 8t/h 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h
Power Oil 23.7kw 24.3kw 33kw 46.5kw 60kw
Coal 40kw 41kw 54kw 70kw 90.3kw
Product temperature                      120-165°C(adjustable)
Fuel consumption Oil:5-7.5kg/t           Coal:13-15kg/t

Aggregate batcher, Storage silo, Coal miller, We

t filter, Bag filter, Control room, Bitumen heating tank


Cold aggregate batching system 



Cold aggregate elevator system 


Control room





Drying drum


Mixing drum  



Dust collecting system (Twin Shaft Type) 


Storage silo  


Dust collecting system  (Twin Drum Type)

2. Working process of Twin Drum Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant(SZS Series):
Aggregate is conveyed into its elevator after being weighed. When aggregate feeding is finished, aggregate is discharged into drying drum. Then Aggregates is continuously lifted into the drying drum, and exchange with the flame of the burner through conducting intensive heat. Hot aggregate discharged to mixer drum.SZS Series adopts filler elevator making filler get into mixer, at the same time bitumen being sprayed into mixer drum while more aggregate is lifted and discharged into drying drum. Aggregates、filler and bitumen are continuously lifted and uniformly mixed in the mixer drum. This is a circle work. Mixer drum ends after hot aggregates being uniformly bound and finished asphalt is discharged into the Storage silo.


Two Shaft Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant (QZS Series)
Two Shaft Asphalt Mixing Plant (QZS Series) owns the integrated design of drying drum and horizontal twin-shaft mixer, more even mixing and better asphalt.Twin Shaft Type-QZS Series characters accurate weighing, stable quality, simple structure , easy operation and so on. Besides, the burner of QZS Series Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant is available for coal and oil, at customer’s option. The towing chassis is designed for convenient transport and installation. Compare with the Twin Drum-SZS Series Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant and Twin Shaft -QZS Series Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant, QZS Series products equipped with Aggregate batcher and Storage silo . Therefore, there is no need to purchase the above mentioned accessories again.


Horizontal twin-shaft mixer


Type QZS-10 QZS-15 QZS-20 QZS-30 QZS-40 QZS-60 QZS-80
Capacity 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h 40t/h 60t/h 80t/h
Power Oil 41.5kw 54kw 63.5kw 104.5kw 125kw 157.5kw 200kw
Coal 57.5kw 75kw 86.5kw 127.5kw 169kw 205kw 276kw
Aggregate batcher     2.3m3x3 5m3x3 5m3x3 5m3x3 5m3x4
Product temperature 120-165°C(adjustable)
Fuel consumption            Oil:5-7.5kg/h       Coal:13-15kg/h
Optional Coal miller, Wet filter, Bag filter, Control room, Bitumen heating tank
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