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Home English How to choose & buy concrete mixing plants?

How to choose & buy concrete mixing plants?

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How to choose and buy the right concrete mixing plants? The following advices could be used as references.

1.Performance label of the concrete construction.
Different kinds of concrete construction should adopt different mixer. For instance, only forced mixer could suit water projects.

2.The modulus K and construction period of the concrete construction.
To decide the specifications of concrete mixing plants,these two parameters should be referred to. If the target field of the concrete construction is M,  the pouring day is T, the hours a day the concrete mixing plants need to be operated is H, the utilization coefficient is K, the specification could be figured out by the formula X=M/T*H*K. Besides, the transportation states should be also took into consideration. For example, concrete could be conveyed by pump or vehicle. If the choice is vehicle, the vehicle volume should be also took into account seriously.

3.Construction environment and object.
To make sure smooth operation and high construction quality, the influences of the construction environment and object should be considered fully.
a.If the construction site need a great amount of pouring concrete one time (the mixing time over 12 hours) and high-quality accessories without other mixing plants for reinforcements nearby, two small mixing plants or a main and a side collocation would be a better choice.
b.If the attendants have to spend lots of time on the way due to the traffic inconvenience, the small dual machine or enough accessories would be a better choice.
c.If the scattered sites are not far from each other, no more than half an hour for concrete delivering truck and less than ten minutes for tip lorry, several mixer plant could be worked at the same time to improve the utilization ratio of the machine.

4.Personal quality of the staff.
Generally speaking, the large concrete mixing plant which own complicate structure demands a higher level of skills than small mixing plant. So, before you decided to purchase a concrete mixing plant, you should think this factor over too.

5. Preparation.
Typically, the manufacturer prepares enough, such as specification, quantity and variety and so on. You could also order products according to your own needs. Make sure avoid for grandiose projects which will cause waste.

To sum up, if you decided to purchase a concrete mixing plant, the best one is the most suitable one.



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